My Initative System

The TTRPG medium has a glut of different initiative systems, this one is my current favorite and I hack it into most things that I run.

1. There are only two alternating turns - the player turn and the enemy turn.
2. The players get the first turn.
3. Only players who pass an initiative check get to go on the first player turn.
4. Players and Enemies can take their actions in any order on their turn.
5. Allies of the players move on the player turn, neutral parties move on the enemy turn.

That's it.  The main advantage of this system is that it has nothing to track and it is very simple to teach.  Normally I let players break up their movement and actions as needed by their strategy, but if a game has strict rules for the phases of a turn it is easy to just sub-divide the player turn into several character turns.

So, how did I reach this method?  Let's start by looking at some orders.  Numbers will represent enemies and letters will represent PCs.


This is an exampl…

Astrolabe Maps of a Solar System

The Age of Odds is kind of my dream campaign, it is the culmination of a large number of ideas that have been floating around my head for years.

I describe the setting as "Spacesuits and Sorcery."  It takes place an uncertain time in the far future, after post-human gods abandoned the rest of the universe and fled into their own domains, leaving the interstellar societies they managed to collapse in an event known as the Schism.

The Eridu solar system is the focus of the campaign.  After the Schism, the High Ways, which allowed for faster than light transit, were closed to mortals.  Due to this, there is no FTL travel in the setting.  This means that I had to cram what would normally be a sector's worth of complexity into a single star system.

This is my method for making a map of a single star system.  It is somewhat limited to the setting, since it assumes a solar system, where the planets have been moved or constructed in a way that produces more habitable planets tha…

New Blog

Well, I've been working on a lot of tabletop rpg stuff recently, so I figured I should start a blog.

ongoing projects: The Prismatic Hack - A Post-OSR (POSR) game that resembles 5e, Whitehack, and the GLOG.  Will it ever see the light of day?
ongoing campaigns: Age of Odds - a Stars Without Number campaign, hard-ish sci-fi, but with magic. Ultraviolet Grasslands - run with the UVG GLOG hack