IPoCN (Internet Protocol over Clam Network) - Rules for Communication in the Ultra Violet Grasslands


When it comes to communication more advanced than the Safranj Homing Beetle network, the premiere option of choice among the Rainbow Lands and Ultraviolet Grasslands is the pourpre clam network.

The backbone (or distinct lack thereof) of the network is the pourpre clam, a species easily identified by its purple-hued shell and native to the violet lands.  Pourpre clams are not individual filter-feeding invertebrates, but are, in fact, the small parts of a larger trans-dimensional being intersecting with our reality in order to feed on small invertebrates and zooplankton.  It is this property that makes the pourpre clam so useful.

Through use of careful flesh-crafting, it is possible to thread a wire through one clam and have it emerge from another.  This procedure is costly and time consuming, requiring precise use of trans-dimensional mathematics to target the emerging clam, but the end result is a messaging system with seemingly no spatial limitations.  The clams need a consistent supply of water with a precise amount of minerals and source of food to be able to function correctly.

Deep in the Emerald City holy operators control giant switch-tanks of clams, passing messages from one to another, allowing for a complex communications network.  In most places the clams are used to connect phone or telegraph lines buti n some advanced places clams are hooked up to remaining computers from the long-long ago, allowing for digital communication through IPoCN (Internet Protocol over Clam Network).

Whatever the method, clams are the premier method of communication, and have allowed for branches of the Emerald city bank to exist in many remote locations.  This system means that credit transfers are available even in some of the deepest parts of the grasslands.


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